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Evergy prepares customers to switch to time-based rate plans


The Missouri Public Service Commission has ordered all Missouri utilities, including Evergy, to make the switch to time-based rate plans in order to combat the high demand for energy during peak times.

“While customers cannot opt out of the program, Evergy is providing four new rate plans, tailoring pricing plans to best fit customer needs. Missouri residents need to choose their new plan by Oct. 1, 2023,” Gina Penzing, Evergy’s senior manager of corporate communications, told the Star-Journal. “If they don’t, they will be opted into Evergy’s new Standard Peak Saver rate plan. This rate offers discounted electricity prices October through May and all weekend in the summer. Evergy also has the Peak Reward Saver plan, which is very similar to the type of plan customers have today.”

With a higher energy demand comes a higher cost to generate electricity. During off-peak hours in the early morning, overnight, and on weekends, less of a demand for energy results in less costs. Shifting usage to off-peak times will help to alleviate the cost to produce energy while also helping to minimize the strain on energy grids.

“Evergy customers have the opportunity to save on their monthly energy bills,” Penzing said. “Time-based rates give customers more control over their energy bills and the ability to reduce costs.”

Evergy has resources available for Missouri residents to stay up-to-date on the changes coming this October.

“Customers can log into their account and use the rate comparison tool to see the different plans and pick the one that best fits their household needs and saves them money. Customers will pay less for energy than they do today most times of the day,” Penzing said. “By using less energy during those on-peak times, most customers could see their bills slightly drop. One available plan is very similar to the price structure customers are accustomed to, with a smaller fluctuation in costs. While customers have less opportunity to capture savings at this rate, some may prefer the familiarity.”

Evergy will also email customers a weekly report to help them understand their energy use. Customers can register at www.Evergy.com for online account services and to access these reports. Evergy also has online tools to learn about the new plans at evergy.com/peakplans. Customers can also contact Evergy at 800-541-0407.

Along with these resources, the Missouri Public Service Commission staff has compiled resources for Missouri residents in a Frequently Asked Questions document that can be located at psc.mo.gov.