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2022 Municipal Election

Osborne, Uhler elected to Warrensburg City Council


WARRENSBURG — Eddie Osborne and Bruce Uhler have been elected to the Warrensburg City Council, each for a three-year term. 

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to be on the City Council in my hometown,” Uhler said. 

Uhler said some areas of interest he has for his term include trash service, recycling and other items the council has been working on. 

“I’m coming from a sustainability background, so I’m looking at things to increase or improve quality of life for people, reduce noise pollution and trash pollution,” Uhler said. 

Osborne said he is happy to see people interested in local elections. 

“I’m happy for it, I’m happy that Bruce Uhler got elected and also myself,” Osborne said. “I think we bring in some fresh blood, new ideas … I think both of us have something to offer to the city and the citizens.” 

Osborne said an area of interest he has for his term is that he would like there to be a study on the feasibility of establishing a sanitation department tasked with solid waste and recycling collection. 

Current Warrensburg Mayor Scott Holmberg was not re-elected. 

“I think (Osborne and Uhler) are two fine gentlemen,” Holmberg said. 

Holmberg said he does know if he will run for election again. 

“I ran this time at the last minute because I wanted to put public safety pay raise and city pay raise up front,” Holmberg said. “I’m very comfortable with where we’re going.” 

Holmberg said City Council is not the only way to be active. 

“Being an influential citizen and not on council actually is probably a better way to get stuff done cause you’re not encumbered,” Holmberg said. 

Bryan Jacobs, former council member, was not elected. 

“I think both (Osborne and Uhler) have done a lot of stuff for Warrensburg and I think they’ll do great on the council,” Jacobs said. “They are both very involved in the community, so I think they’ll do well.” 

Jacobs said he plans to get involved in the community in other ways and is interested in being more involved with Warrensburg Animal Rescue. 

Peggy Lasater, first time candidate, was not elected. 

“I’m glad that (Osborne and Uhler) got it,” Lasater said. 

Lasater said she plans to remain active in the community and does not currently have plans to run for office again. 

“I was pleased to be able to run and I think the people in Warrensburg spoke and the results are good,” Peter Zwally said. 

Zwally said he thinks Osborne and Uhler will both do a good job. 

Zwally plans to remain active in the community and American Legion Post 131. 


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