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Johnson County 4-H hosts 16th annual Farm Time Fun


On July 10, the Johnson County 4-H Council hosted its 16th annual Farm Time Fun at the Johnson County Fair. 

Farm Time Fun is an activity for all the 4-H clubs in Johnson County. Each club could enter in teams of four. During the fair, the teams compete in a large obstacle course. 

Nine teams participated this year. The clubs that entered were Good Neighbors, Blackwater Bobcats, Royal Clovers and Mineral Creek.

Farm Time Fun had five stations that each group participated in. 

The first station required each member of the group to move a stack of hay bales from one spot to another. 

The second station was to lasso a post, and if you didn’t get it, another teammate took a turn. After accomplishing that, each member of the team had to help each other move “land skis'' to the next station. There, they would all work together to move a bucket of water from a filled pool to an empty pool, completing the obstacle after getting the water to a certain fill line. 

The last part of the course involved putting a large cone in a wheelbarrow, navigating it through a simple maze and then running through a group of people swinging pool noodles. 

It was a close race this year with the winning team achieving victory by only 10 seconds. 

The 2021 winning team consisted of Mallory Hall, Rebecca “Angel” Mukisa, Charles Muwanguzi and Luke Myers of the Royal Clovers 4-H Club. 

“Despite the rain, the spirit of the event was not dampened and a great time was had by all,” a University of Missouri Extension press release states. “We would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to everyone that came out to support the clubs, the parents that came to support the kids and the volunteers and the 4-H County Officers that helped make it happen.”


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