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Municipal Election

April 6 Municipal Election results announced


JOHNSON COUNTY — The results are in for the April 6 Municipal Election, with 3,910 voters (12.15%) of the 32,181 registered voters in Johnson County casting ballots in the election to elect city local representatives and vote on ballot measures.

Contested Elections

Two candidates were vying for election to the position of Knob Noster mayor, which is currently held by Adam Morton. Thomas Charrette was elected as mayor with 152 votes (66.09%) over Joe Burnor who received 77 votes (33.48%).

Edward Thering was reelected to a Ward 2 seat on the Knob Noster City Council with 46 votes (53.49%) over Garret Carter who received 39 votes (45.35%).

In the race for one Ward 4 seat on the Holden City Council, Julie Fields was elected to the position with 32 votes (58.18%) over incumbent Allen Mensch who received 23 votes (41.82%).

Three candidates were vying for election to two seats on the Leeton Board of Aldermen. Terry Hiatt was reelected with 60 votes (40%) and Steve Muse was reelected with 58 votes (38.67%) over Robert Wyatt who received 31 votes (20.67%).

Kelly Stout was elected to a two-year term on the Kingsville Board of Education with 69 votes (68.32%) over Chris Truby who received 32 votes (31.68%). Lindsey Bush was elected to a one-year term on the board with 79 votes (79%) over Keith Higgs who received 21 votes (21%).

Six candidates were vying for election to two seats on the Warrensburg Board of Education. Tom McCormack was reelected to the board with 1,140 votes (31.03%) and Shannon Bridgmon was elected with 914 votes (24.88%). Angela Tayloe received 651 votes (17.72%), Raymond (Ray) Crisp received 397 votes (10.81%), Aaron Franklin received 301 votes (8.19%) and John Paul Suchecki received 244 votes (6.64%).

Casey Cunningham was reelected to the Knob Noster Board of Education with 255 votes (35.76%) and Paul Hills “Hillsy” was elected to the board with 244 votes (34.22%) over Adrianne Courter who received 209 votes (29.31%).

Michael (Robby) Myers was reelected to the Leeton Board of Education with 206 votes (30.34%) and Melissa Myers was elected to the board with 180 votes (26.51%) over John McCoy who received 146 votes (21.5%) and Larry (Jake) Corson who received 142 votes (20.91%).

Michael Wakeman was reelected to the sub-district 1 seat on the Johnson County Ambulance District Board of Trustees with 246 votes (60.29%) over George Waddle who received 159 votes (38.97%).

Juanita Moore was reelected to the sub-district 4 seat on the JCAD Board of Trustees with 226 votes (52.68%) over Jennifer Bradford who received 202 votes (47.09%).

Michael Caldwell was elected to the position of Southeast Sewer District supervisor with 28 votes (58.33%) over incumbent Earnest Macios who received 19 votes (39.58%).

Seven candidates sought election to three seats on the Johnson County Community Health Services Board of Trustees. Donna Stewart was reelected with 1,880 votes (18.89%), Megan Jaeger was elected with 1,768 votes (17.76%) and Noah Harness was elected with 1,591   votes (15.99%). Justin Johnston received 1,355 votes (13.61%), Corrine (Corky) Burgin received 1,204 votes (12.1%), James Williams received 1,100 votes (11.05%) and Rick Edwards received 1,028 votes (10.33%).

Ballot Questions

Johnson County Proposition A, a sales tax of one-eighth of 1% designating funds to the operation and maintenance of the Old Drum Animal Shelter, passed with 2,321 votes (59.87%) in favor and 1,556 votes (40.13%) not in favor.

Knob Noster question 1, continuing a tax levy for another four years to fund the Knob Noster Fire Department, passed with 209 votes (90.87%) in favor and 21 votes (9.13%) not in favor.

Knob Noster question 2, a .5% sales tax increase to fund stormwater control projects and municipal parks, passed with 163 votes (69.66%) in favor and 71 votes (30.34%) not in favor.

Warrensburg question 1, continuing a five-year bond initiative approved by voters in 2017 for road improvement for 20 years and set to expire in 2042, passed with 1,089 votes (78.86%) in favor and 292 votes (21.14%) not in favor.


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