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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OFJOHNSON COUNTY,MISSOURICIRCUIT DIVISIONIn Re the Marriage of:ADELINE MAE KLINE,516 Anderson St. Apt. B.Warrensburg, MO 64093,Petitioner,v.FELIPE IGNACIO BURNEO-SOTO,Address Unknown,Respondent.Case no. 21JO-DR00313NOTICE UPON ORDER FORSERVICE BY PUBLICATIONADELAIDE M. KLINE TO FELIPE I. BURNEO-SOTO: You are notified that an action, in relation to the annulment of marriage between Adelaide M. Kline and Felipe I. Bureno-Soto, has been commenced against each of you in the Circuit Court of Johnson County, Missouri, the object and general nature of which is a Judgement of Annulment and Declaration of Invalidity of Marriage. The names of the parties in this action are captioned above, and the name and address of the attorney for the Petitioner is Amanda S. Lotspeich, 311 N. Holden St., Warrensburg, Missouri 64093. You are further notified that, unless you file an answer or other pleading or shall otherwise appear and defend against this action within 45 days after December 24, 2021, an order granting the requested annulment, by default, and in favor of the Petitioner, may be rendered against you. Witness my hand and the seal of the Circuit Court on 12/21/2021. /s/KJM, Clerk 4x-12/24, 31, 2021; 1/7, 14, 2022

Posted 1/14/2022